Designed for An Intuitive Use & Improve Productivity

Low Volume

Neopost DS-40i Folder Inserter

Automatically fold, insert and seal up to 5,000 envelopes per month

Imagine you could assemble 1,000 pieces of mail in under an hour. Folded, stuffed, sealed, metered and out the door in very little time. The DS-40i folder...
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Neopost DS-64i Folder Inserter

Automate your document processing with an intuitive, flexible folder-inserter

At speeds of up to 2,500 envelopes per hour, the DS-64i folding inserting system has the technology needed to efficiently prepare your business mailings. It...

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Mid Volume

Neopost DS-75i Folder Inserter

Intelligent and Easy Document Processing

Are you working in an environment where mail matters and response time is key? The DS-75i Folder Inserter system is the ideal productivity tool for any...

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NEOPOST DS-85i Folder Inserter

The Easy-To-Use Folder Inserter that Grows with Your Business

Do you have to deal with expanding needs in your mailroom? Then the compact DS-85 automatic paper folding...

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QUADIENT DS-95i Folder Inserter

Productivity, Versatility & Easy-To-Use

The DS-95i Folder Inserter is the ultimate mid-range machine for your inserting needs. Extensive features such as powerFold and flexFeed technology combine...

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High Volume

NEOPOST DS-200i Folder Inserter

The Highly Productive System that Inserts an Unprecedented Variety of Mail

The new standard in production mail, the Neopost DS-200i letter inserting machine is highly versatile and able to handle a wide range of...

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High-End Production

Inserter Machine DS-600i

DS-600i Folder Inserter

The new standard for high volume tabletop or entry-level production mail, the DS-600i folding inserting solution allows you to personalize envelopes as part...

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Neopost Folder Inserter DS-1200 G4

The intelligent high-performance mailing system that optimizes your mail processing

An intelligent high-performance inserting system that streamlines your mail processing, the Neopost DS-1200 G4 offers total flexibility in...

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Audit Trail & Production Control

AIMS - Automated Insertion Management System

Businesses today face a multitude of regulatory issues and customer demands to guarantee the integrity of sensitive business communications. Failure to meet...

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