Productivity, Versatility & Easy-To-Use

The DS-95i Folder Inserter is the ultimate mid-range machine for your inserting needs. Extensive features such as powerFold and flexFeed technology combine with a modular design to bring your unmatched levels of productivity and flexibility. The DS-95i is also easy to use, with a color touch screen and swappable feeders for continuous operation.

  • Graphical user inferface with intuitive navigation and clear instuctions for setting up jobs
  • This versatile folding and inserting system can process thicker and stiffer material and process any type of paper, including coated paper
  • The DS-95i is highly productive with many optional devices (main feeder, high capacity envelope hopper...)

Top Mailcenter Operational Efficiency

Main Features
  • Process up to 4,300 envelopes per hour
  • up to 6 flexFeed station
  • High capacity 2,400 sheets twin max feeder
  • High capacity 500 envelopes hopper
  • powerFold, fold up to 10 pages in single fold and 8 pages in tri-fold
  • Add optional Barcode or Optical Market Reading Solution to ensure each recipient gets their correct documents
  • Reversable full-color touchscreen for ultimate ease of use
  • Recommended volume up to 80,000 envelopes per month