High Quality & Reliable Booklet Makers & Collators To Suit Your Production Needs

MORGANA Digital Booklet Making Systems

Automatic booklet maker
Morgana BM2000/BM2000S

Production Booklet Maker for all printers

In today’s demanding printing environment, a flexible solution to booklet production is a must for all printers. Often there is a need to produce booklets...

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Morgana BM350 / BM500

Production Booklet Maker for all printers

The Morgana BM350/500 is a modular booklet making solution for centralised reproduction departments and commercial print

providers - large and small...

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MORGANA Square Back

Enhanced Appearance of Finished Documents

Enhanced appearance of finished documents will be achieved with the optional Square Back System.

This will...

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UCHIDA Collating & Booklet Making Systems

UCHIDA UC-1200 Collator

Tabletop collator UC-1200

Uchida Collator UC-1200 efficiently collates a wide variety of paper at the maximum cost performance. The center feed system eliminates the need to re-...

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Uchida U-booklet
Uchida U-Booklet

A low cost compact and user friendly booklet maker

The U-Booklet is a tabletop booklet making machine that automates stapling / folding documents. Anyone can produce professionally finished booklets by easy...

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