Tabletop collator UC-1200

Uchida Collator UC-1200 efficiently collates a wide variety of paper at the maximum cost performance. The center feed system eliminates the need to re-position the booklet maker and trimmer each time the paper size is changed. You can now install the system in a permanent station. Naturally, Uchida’s reliable paper feed system, proven throughout the world, has been kept in the same precise structure as it is constructed. The UC-1200 can also be connected by signal with major booklet makers available in the market. It is suitable not only for professional printer applications but also for in-house printing, quick copy/print shops, schools, and many other uses.

Feature of collator UC-1200

Quick setting of paper feed pressure
The paper feed pressure lever is relocated on the outside of the UC-1200 so that it enables the operator to adjust the pressure level much easier. The paper feed and separator pressures can be adjusted easily and quickly without detaching the feed tray.

Detachable feed trays
The feed trays can be detached easily without using any tools. It makes adjustments, cleaning and trouble shooting much easier.

Intuitive settings and operation
Clean operation panel indicates settings and status of the machine intuitively. Even when operation does not go well, it tells what to check by LED lights and error codes.

Quick change of a separator pad
Now separator pads, the parts to ensure feeding sheets one by one can be detached without using any tool. By replacing the pads regularly, the machine keeps running accurately and smoothly.

Collated papers can be neatly stacked
The stacking table is designed to stack small format paper, such as A5 size paper, without attaching an auxiliary table. It alternately shifts direction in a Criss-Cross pattern that can stack large sizes stock, such as SRA3 paper, more efficiently than conventional offset stackers.

Technical Specifications
  • Number of station - 10 stations
  • Paper size - 95x150 - 328x469 mm
  • Paper feed system - Center feed with friction roller system
  • Paper quality - Offset paper, copy paper, NCR paper
  • Max. loading capacity - 28 mm / bin (350 sheets of 64 gsm paper)
  • Processing speed - 2,400 or 4,200 sets /hr. (A4, portlait)
  • Paper weight - 1st&10th station: 35 - 210 gsm , 2nd-9th station: 35 - 160 gsm
  • Max. stacking capacity - 65mm
  • Stacking system - Straight or criss-cross stacking
  • Counter - 4 digits addition and preset subtraction
  • Error detection - No paper, empty feed, paper jam, double feed, stacker full
  • Tower connection - Up to 2 towers
  • Finisher connection - USF-3100 or USF-W
  • Collating function - Alternate function, insertion mode
  • Power source - 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase
  • Power consumption - 200W
  • Dimensions - 545(W)x740(D)x1,056(H) mm
  • Net weight - 76 kg