The Easy-To-Use Folder Inserter that Grows with Your Business

Do you have to deal with expanding needs in your mailroom? Then the compact DS-85 automatic paper folding machine can help you out. The DS-85 is just right for your business.

  • You can load any document size into each of the 6 feeders of this folder inserter
  • The reversible full color touch screen and load’n Go will both give you ultimate ease of use
  • The Manual Feed mode allows you to fold and insert up to 10 sheets fed by hand

A Very Flexible Folding Inserting Machine

Everybody can use a DS-85i folder inserter. Thanks to the reversible full color touch screen and load’n Go there is no need for trained operators. Just load documents and envelopes ‘n press the button to Go! The DS-85i will adjust all settings automatically and even save them on the memory for instant recall.


Main Features

Speed: Up to 4,000/hour
Document feeder capacity: up to 725 sheets 80 gsm ;
Envelope feeder capacity: 325
Set thickness: 2.5 mm

flexFeed technology - load any size document in each of the 6 feeders

with powerFold, you can crisply and silently fold up to 10 pages in single fold and 8 pages in tri-fold

Cascade feeding allows for continuous operation

Reversable full-color touchscreen for ultimate ease of use

Add optional Barcode or Optical Market Reading Solution to ensure each recipient gets their correct documents