Low Volume

IDEAL 8305
Compact office folding machine for four fold types and stream delivery paper ejection

Suitable for A4 or 12? formats (smallest paper size 100 mm x 105 mm...

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Uchida F-10N

Specialized for folding A4 size papers into 4 folding patterns

Uchida F-10N

Specialized for folding A4 size papers into 4 folding patterns with automatic setting.

Auto folding type selection Designed for A4 size...
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Mid Volume

Uchida F-30N/25N
Uchida F-30N/25N Manual adjustment Up to 8,000 sheets/minute Addition/Subtraction counter (F-30N) FEATURES

An economy-type machine in which folding...

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Uchida F-43N
Uchida F-43N Automatic paper size detection Up to 10,800 sheets/minute Pre-programmed 6 folding patterns FEATURES

A top-selling universal machine. Easy to...

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Uchida F-47N

Fully automatic top model redesigned to meet all kinds of paper folding applications. Micro perforation and scoring devices are...

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High Volume

Uchida AeroFold
Uchida AeroFold Upper belt suction feed system Up to 330mm(W) x 488mm(L) paper Max. speed 15,000 FEATURES

UCHIDA's New Paper Folding Machine the AeroFold....

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Morgana Major Folder
Morgana Major Folder The perfect suction folder for smaller format folding

The Morgana Major has been designed to offer a wide range of '...

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Morgana Docufold Pro
Morgana Docufold Pro The Morgana DocuFold Pro is a brand new concept fully automatic paper folding machine

Equipped with the latest...

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Special Solutions - Creaser Folders

Morgana AutoFold Pro
Morgana AutoFold Pro High quality flying knife folding when linked to any manufacturer’s creaser

As its name suggests the AutoFold Pro is...

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Morgana DigiFold Pro
Morgana DigiFold Pro Quality high speed creasing folding with the NEW SmartScreen touch screen technology

Over 1000 units were sold before...

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