Morgana AutoFold Pro

High quality flying knife folding when linked to any manufacturer’s creaser

As its name suggests the AutoFold Pro is an automatic folding machine designed specifically for the professional digital printer whose business is growing.

Over the years we have talked to many digital printers who want a DigiFold but either can’t afford or justify one. Most invest in a creaser of some type (many with a Morgana product but others with competitive products). After a period of time many of these growing digital printers want to upgrade to a creaser/folder but still can’t justify the cost, especially if they want to retain their creaser.

This is where the AutoFold Pro comes to the rescue. It is a free standing folding unit designed for folding digital stocks using our patented flying knife technology which was developed to prevent the scuffing and marking on digital stocks that are caused by folding using conventional methods. The AutoFold Pro is simply wheeled up to ANY creaser and the height of its vacuum feed conveyor is adjusted to the exit height of the creaser.

Controlled by the same innovative SmartScreen panel, the AutoFold Pro is instructed how long the pre-creased sheet is and which fold to produce.

Both machines are turned on and the pre-creased sheets from the creaser are delivered directly onto the AutoFold Pro feed conveyor; here they are accurately registered to the side-lay before being folded as programmed and delivered onto a motor driven shingling delivery system which will ensure consistent, high quality stacking.

The beauty of the AutoFold Pro is its simplicity allowing the user of ANY manufacturer’s creaser to invest in one and to improve their productivity and quality immediately.