Perfect Digital Print Laminator for On Demand Finishing

POD Semi Automatic Roll Laminators

540 / 540 DUAL / 540 DUAL PHOTO / 540 DUPLEX

[Patent Specification]
The method of forming embossing pattern by heating press mold partially on the printing surface laminated with thermal laminate film.

GMP Protopic III-540 Series


Main Features
  • Exchangeable/Commonized PCB
  • Automatic feeding paper gap adjustment
  • Slide type paper plate - easy to feed the papers
  • Air compressor (with light weight & lower noise) also can be placed in the lami-table with films and consumables
  • Upgraded Rotation- Fine-Bar Decurling Device as auto center-position mechanism with the high performances
  • Strengthened laminating pressure for more stepped-up bonding power effecting perfect output quality
  • Ergonomic touch screen for enhancing operator-centric convenient control & quality output productivity
  • Air cooling system for perfect Photo matting effect (for DUAL PHOTO version)