Most user-friendly and simple Desktop Pressure Sealer

 Postmate V also provides the slide-out fold unit for the easiest maintenance and its manual feeder allows single form processing.

  • Revolutionary Folding Unit
  • Jam Free Press Roller
  • Revolutionary Hi-Tech Folding Unit and Sealing Rollers
  • Manual Feeder

Product characteristics

Revolutionary Folding Unit

Form size and folding positions are easy to adjust and can be set in a matter of seconds.

Revolutionary Hi-Tech Folding Unit and Sealing Rollers

The folding unit slides out on glides to permit easy access to the pressure rollers for maintenance.

Manual Feeder

A simple manual feeder allows the processing of single or damaged forms.

Jam Free Press Roller

The reverse rolling system on the Postmate 5 automatically reverses direction and kicks back any forms that are jammed in the pressure rollers. This eliminates the operator
from having to use a tool to back out a jam