Highly intelligent print-to-mail Pressure Sealer

The Mailfinisher 4000/4350 eliminates the added task of unloading forms from the printer and loading them in to the Pressure Sealer. It provides the Printer Communication kit (Mailfinisher 4350 only)

  • Automatic By-Pass Tray
  • Printer Communication
  • Manual Feeder
  • Unique Folding Drum & Easy Access

Automatic By-Pass Tray

An integrated imaging system detects unrecognized papers and double feeds, diverting them into the by-pass tray.

JetLink Printer Communication

Communication between the printer and the Mailfinisher allows the printer to stop printing in the event of a jam with the Mailfinisher.

Manual Feeder

A simple manual feeder allows the processing of single or damaged forms.

Revolutionary Hi-Tech Folding Unit and Sealing Rollers

The folding unit slides out on glides to permit easy access to the pressure rollers for maintenance.

Wide Range of Compatibility

Compatible with most laser printers that have a rear exit option.