Weigh Platforms – Integrate with franking machines

Whichever Neopost weigh platform you choose, it integrates seamlessly with a Neopost franking machine, and then sets the postage value automatically, so you save time and avoid errors.

  • Weigh capacity - 35 kg
  • Weigh in 1 gm increment
  • Cut the cost of guesswork
  • Differential or multiple weighing saves time
  • Unparalleled ease of use

Neopost Weigh Platform - 30 kg

Weigh the letter, check the rate chart, set the value, mail the letters - it all takes time, especially when you’re dealing with mixed batches of mail. If connected to the Neopost integrated weigh platform, rates are preprogrammed in the franking machine, so the machine will tell you the cost and weight at the same time, exact postage value will be automatically set and eliminating the risks of postage errors.

Based on international survey, you save up to 20% on postage costs with accurate postal scales by cutting out postage errors.