Neopost is backed by a wealth of experience

Gained in 75 years of history of growth, Neopost has a wealth experience, marked by significant acquisitions.

- 1924 Neopost Limited (United Kingdom) was founded

- 1929 SMH, Société des Machines Havas (France) was founded

- 1930 Neopost was acquired by Roneo (United Kingdom)

- 1935 The Neopost brand name (United Kingdom) was created

- 1970 SMH-Adrex (France) acquired by C.G.E.

- 1979 Friden (United States) acquired by C.G.E.

- 1980 Roneo and Hadewe (United Kingdom and Netherlands) acquired by C.G.E.

- 1981 Attached to Alcatel, subsidiary of C.G.E. (France)

- 1992 The Neopost Group was founded

- 1997 A group of investors, advised by BC Partners and in association with management, took over Neopost

- 1999 Neopost was floated on the Premier Marché of Euronext Paris stock market on 23 February at a price of €15 per share

- 2002 Stielow and Hasler (Germany and Switzerland) acquired

- 2005 BTA Digital Works, software solutions, acquired

- 2003 Neopost completed the integration of companies acquired in 2002, sold Stielow’s non-core label printing and print finishing businesses, and strengthened its operating structures

- 2006 To enhance its international profile, the Group adopted a new visual identity and tagline "We value your mail" at the beginning of 2006

This demonstrated the Group’s commitment to its customers. The new visual identity reinforced Neopost’s image all over the world and acted as a unifying force for all the Group’s subsidiaries. The new tagline, “we value your mail”, clearly illustrated the Group’s mission and ambitions: to upgrade and improve mail management through innovation within both companies and postal organisations.

- 2007 PFE acquired, a worldwide supplier of high volume folder-inserter and Valipost systems, France's leading software solution supplier to companies sending out bulk mail shots.

- 2008 RENA acquired to boost Neopost's market presence in the addressing systems and NBG-ID, RFID technology integrator.

- 2009 Neopost enhanced its service offering with the acquisition of Satori Software, one of the world market leaders in postal address quality management tools

- 2009 Neopost enhanced its position in Scandinavia by acquiring Kontur Documents Systems (Sweden) and Scani (Denmark)

- 2011 GBC – Fordigraph acquired, the leading Australian distributor of document finishing and mailing solutions

- 2012 Neopost has Acquired GMC Software Technology, a leader in the Customer Communications Management (CCM) space.