NEOSHRED Cardboard Shredder

If you want to increase the efficiency of your waste management, you may want to consider having a NeoSHRED Cardboard Shredder in your business.

Why use Cardboard Shredder?

Use and re-use:
Using cardboards which you already have reduces the need for enviromentally hazardous materials and break down much faster when discarded.

Less storage:
NeoSMART eliminates extra trash bin needed to store old boxes before they’re picked up for recycling

Save money on recycling:

Do you pay to have your recycling picked up every month? When you shred cardboards, and use it for packaging you spend less on pick up especially by weight.


Chain and Gear
- With strong motor power driven, the high quality gear and chain can ensure continuous operation, also high cutting ability and realiable operation

Cutting roller
- Solid steel cutting roller can easily handle staples and paper clips, also ensures durability

- Equipped with knob switch which is easy to operate

Powerful motor
- Powerful motor designed for high shredding capacity for thicker materials

- Casters are designed to move the shredder to different locations easily