Modern Solution for Modern Business Advertising

With the help of our interactive double-sided window display, you can showcase compelling information about your business and its services. which can be positioned in the middle of the hallway so that both sides of the public can see the advertisement displayed on the billboard.

Benefit of NeoSmart Double-Sided Window Display Digital Billboard

 NeoSmart Double-Sided Window Display Digital Billboard accepts any file format e.g.: JPEG, PNG & GIF (Raster image files). PPT, AI, PDF (Vector image files). It is as easy as operating a PC or TV. The benefit of NeoSmart Billboard is to increase your business’s visibility, deliver important messages, reduce cost on advertising, gain more attention from audience, promote your product & services, enhance your company’s image, instant roll out of advertisement (no printing required) and fast & attractive. Specially designed for directory purposes

Key Features
  • High-defination LCD
  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Remote Control Available
  • Screen size available from 43 inch to 55 inch
  • Android storage : 16GB
  • Side A Brightness : 700nits
  • Side B Brightness : 350nits
  • Android only