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Elevate any wall into a dynamic advertising space with NeoSmart Wall-Mounted Digital Displays. Effortlessly installed on any surface, these displays range from 15.5 to 98 inches, offering versatile options for spaces of all sizes. Say goodbye to spatial constraints and hello to immersive digital advertising that makes a lasting impression.

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Elevate Your Space with Seamless Engagement and Versatility in Digital Signage!

Transforming your space into a dynamic hub of engagement is made seamless with NeoSmart Wall-Mounted Digital Displays, expertly designed for optimal impact in the realm of digital signage in Malaysia. Effortlessly installed on any wall surface, these displays require no extra floor space, offering a clutter-free solution for your environment.

Boasting a versatile range from 15.5 to 98 inches, NeoSmart's Wall-Mounted Digital Displays provide options that perfectly align with your space requirements. This comprehensive range ensures that whether you're in need of a compact digital standee or an expansive digital menu board, every wall becomes a canvas for your brand's digital storytelling.

Say goodbye to spatial constraints as NeoSmart's Wall-Mounted Digital Displays offer an immersive advertising experience on any wall. Seamlessly integrated with digital signage software, these displays cater to diverse needs, making every wall an opportunity for captivating digital displays. Elevate your space effortlessly with modernity and versatility, turning each wall into a powerful platform for interactive kiosks, digital signboards, and engaging digital signage displays.


Screen size

Available from 15.5 inch to 98 inch

Screen brightness

450 nits

Android storage


Windows storage

16GB & 128GB

Maximum power


  • On-Signage Cloud App
  • Touchscreen feature
Ideal for
  • Elevators
  • Galleries
  • Retail outlets
  • Hallways

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