The NeoSmart Outdoor Digital Billboard is engineered for resilience, featuring a robust industrial casing meticulously built to withstand high temperatures. Equipped with a built-in fan cooling system, this outdoor display ensures optimal performance even in challenging conditions. Its weather-proof design endures both the scorching sun and relentless rain with unwavering durability. Whether rain or shine, day or night, the NeoSmart Outdoor Digital Billboard delivers a reliable and visually striking solution for outdoor advertising, making a lasting impact in any weather scenario.

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Elevate Your Outdoor-Ready Presence with Durable Digital Signage!

The NeoSmart Outdoor Digital Billboard stands as a testament to durability and performance in the landscape of digital signage in Malaysia. Encased in an industrial casing designed to withstand high temperatures, this outdoor display goes beyond conventional expectations with a built-in fan cooling system, ensuring optimal functionality even in challenging weather conditions. Its weather-proof design ensures resilience against both intense sunlight and heavy rain, making it a reliable solution for outdoor advertising in diverse climates. The exceptional brightness of the display guarantees a clear and impressive image, ensuring visibility even in the brightest of days. Seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge digital signage software, this outdoor digital display becomes a versatile platform for engaging digital standees, interactive kiosks, digital signboards, and captivating digital menu boards. Rain or shine, day or night, the NeoSmart Outdoor Digital Billboard is the epitome of robustness and visual brilliance, making it an ideal choice for impactful outdoor advertising displays.


Screen size

Available from 21.5 inch to 98 inch

Screen brightness

3000 nits

Android storage


Windows storage

16GB & 128GB

Power Supply


Weather-proof rating


  • On-Signage Cloud App
  • Touchscreen feature
Ideal for
  • Open space restaurants
  • Malls
  • Pedestrian areas

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