High-bonding & High-speed desktop roll laminator for digital printing market

Single Side and Double Side Laminators / Trade Roll Laminators

Surelam II-380 / 380R / 540 / 540R / 540B / 540WFR / 540WFB / 540WFRB / 800S

[Patent Specification]
1.Device for eliminating static electricity from film of laminated sheets in laminators
2.Device for adjusting the position of film rolls in laminators
3.Speed control apparatus for laminator


Applications of GMP Surelam II Series:

  • Posters, Pop Signs, Menu
  • Bookcovers
  • Photo Album Covers & Inner Pages
  • Photo Embossing Lamination
  • Gift & Greetings Cards
  • Name Card Lamination with Spot Sleeking(Fusing)
  • Anti Counterfeit Lamination
  • Security Printing of Gift Certificate
  • Labels
  • Laminating for Security of Credit Cards

GMP Surelam II Series

Technical Specifications

Main Features
  • Teflon Coated Hot Roller for High Glossy Effect in Single Side Lamination

  • Decurling Device for Single Side Lamination

  • 8-bit Microprocessor for Pre-Programmed Functions

  • Safety Function with Photo Sensor for Feeding Area

  • Speed & Temperature Control System with Digital Mode

  • Top & Bottom Film Alignment System (Patented)

  • High Value Added Embossing Effects with Various Embossing Rollers (Optional)

  • Automatic Cutting with Auto Bursting Device in SURELAM II-540B

  • Sleeking Solution with Auto Rewinding Device in SURELAM II-540R

  • Various Pre-Programmed Jobs