Our Partners - WELLTEC

Welltec System is the world leader in pressure sealing solutions with market share of 50% in USA, 75% in Europe and 85% in Asia.

Founded in 1998, Welltec is the fastest growing pressure sealers manufacturer in world. Welltec is the only company that is able to provide a truly complete range of models from the office entry-level to the high capacity in-line production systems.


The reasons why Welltec System achieved such a great success in the world are as follow:

  • Unconventional designed with latest proven technology. Welltec unique features such as angle seal method, friction reverse rollers, advanced in-feed technology and highly intelligent in-line system with unique interface kits;
  • Constantly invest into R & D and quality control. Welltec produced 6 units of advanced standalone and 7 units of unique in-line pressure sealers in 12 years time;
  • All machines are developed base on value of convenience with ease of use and simplicity in maintenance from the customer and engineer point of view.


Standalone Pressure Sealer             Inline Pressure Sealer