Our innovation policy has resulted in a comprehensive range of high-performance products and solutions

Neopost allocates 4 to 4.5% of its revenues each year to research and development. 500 engineers with different areas of expertise and backgrounds use the very latest technology to continue to improve the quality and performance of the Group’s products. They are able to anticipate the new needs of clients and work on future generations of systems, software, infrastructures and networks relating to the management of documents, mail, data and logistics flows.

A broad range of technologies and expertise.

Creating products to meet new customer needs is a priority for Neopost. The Group makes use of the latest technologies to continually improve the quality and performance of its products.

Neopost’s R&D teams have knowledge of a wide range of technologies and many areas of expertise :

  • Information capture via bar codes, RFID, voice servers and EDI
  • Analogue, LAN or GPRS connectivity
  • Electronics
  • Infrastructure and network software
  • Embedded software
  • Paper handling
  • Precision mechanics
  • Mail security and cryptology
  • Printing technology
  • Traceability.

Neopost is also breaking new ground in online services, machine interfaces and their ergonomics

It offers a wide range of customizable solutions which automate and simplify mail flow management, including the reception, sorting and distribution of incoming mail, as well as the preparation, folding inserting and franking of outgoing mail.

More specifically our online services and software provide effective ways of:

  • Controlling your postal budget
  • Cutting postage costs
  • Reducing processing times
  • Making the mail management process safe and secure

Working in partnership with key players in the world of technology

Neopost chooses to work with key technology partners to develop new projects and help the industry make progress. For example, such partnerships allowed the first inkjet franking systems to be launched with new digital applications in the postal field.