Postal Operators

“We’ve been helping postal services and parcel carriers find new and better ways to manage their mail flow for over 75 years.”

Neopost provides an efficient link between customers and postal services. We have successfully connected over one million customers through the postal partnerships we have in 90 countries and our end-to-end mail and parcel processing solutions. In a fast-changing world, customers and postal services need help to manage new challenges, to stimulate interest and increase the value of their mail. Neopost's expertise, commitment and flexibility have created dedicated solutions capable of achieving significant savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Neopost saving time and cutting costs for postal services and their customers.

At Neopost, we’ve been helping postal services and parcel carriers find new and better ways to manage their mail flow for over 75 years. Our innovative mail systems and logistics management solutions and services, using the latest RFID, Internet and digital bar-coding technologies, provide postal services with improved mail flow so allowing their customers’ businesses to run more efficiently.

Barcodes provide an effective franking method for a transparent supply chain.

The reasons for bar-coding are obvious: automation, control, information, and value-added services are all benefits that come from including a barcode as part of the supply chain. Parcels and express items have been bar-coded for years and now, thanks to the modernisation of mail networks, the same benefits are available for letter mail. Neopost has developed bar-coded mailing systems using ink jet mailing machines that have proven very efficient for postal operators, applying new generation barcodes that are cost-effective and suitable for high-speed mail processing systems. Barcodes include information on the sender, the item of mail and the postal service required. They are also able to correct data errors and validate the amount of postage paid.

Smart document generation includes postal management tools.

Neopost Printmachine software automates the document creation process while improving mail quality and efficiency. The software suite facilitates the task of creating receipts, invoices, customer statements, mail shots and other high-volume mail runs. It incorporates address checking and correction, optimized grouping, sorting and formatting. Postal management tools are configured and integrated into the customer's information system.

Information becomes as important as the package.

Neopost Cyberstation, branded under the name of the postal service carrier, is a centrally hosted service accessed via an Internet browser. All software and data are stored centrally so access is not limited to a specific user PC. Access to the system is password controlled. Shipping data transmissions are routed through secure servers into the carrier’s worldwide systems. It will fully support the carrier’s entire express and time-guaranteed product range offered to its shippers. Cyberstation provides smart ways to hook up with customers, and Intellihub data and barcode translation services achieve seamless information exchange across different delivery platforms.

What one customer had to say:

Nigel Arkwright, IT director at Parcelforce Worldwide, says: “Parcelforce had never used a Web-based solution until we acquired Cyberstation at the end of 2003. We thought we’d use it primarily for our occasional customers, until we noticed that our installed base loved it and that its technology and user-friendliness enabled us to attract new customers. We currently have thousands of registered shippers who use the solution every day, processing up to 100,000 parcels daily.”

Neopost is also a leading provider of logistics management solutions. In addition to package logging systems, Neopost provides mobile ‘collect and deliver’ systems plus track and trace, proof-of-delivery, document processing and RFID solutions; an end-to-end suite of services.

A specialist team has delivered exciting RFID solutions for vehicle asset management, automated storage, and pallet and parcel logistics systems all benefiting from improved control and productivity.
These unique solutions include intelligent gates for high performance reading in difficult industrial environments, automated processing and remote services. Neopost offers unparalleled logistics management expertise.

We are passionate about innovation.

Neopost was the first supplier to bring digital technology to mailing systems, giving postal mail a new improved image. 5% of our annual income is invested in R&D. Neopost, in partnership with postal services worldwide, has improved the customer experience, while cutting operating costs and facilitating the introduction of new products and services through efficient and innovative solutions. Mail is central to your business; let us help you make the most of it.