Our employees

Committed to our employees


Employee involvement is a key aspect of Neopost’s responsible approach. In order to share its values with each of its employees, Neopost has put together an ethical code of conduct published in eight languages in 2010.

Neopost devotes a significant budget to training, amounting to about 3% of the total payroll. The major objectives of this training are to develop innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and management skills.

Surveys of all our employees are carried out regularly, providing the opportunity to make suggestions concerning the working environment in particular.

The Group favours diversity and cultural pluralism, particularly through multi-site projects that bring together employees with varied skills and experience. Neopost also encourages staff transfers between companies within the Group, both locally and abroad. The Group uses its internal newsletter NNN, Neopost Network News, together with its Intranet system, to bind its geographically widely dispersed employees together.

Neopost aims to provide all employees with an interest in the company’s earnings, in particular through a variable portion of their compensation, profit-sharing agreements, as well as stock option and bonus share programmes.
Neopost sponsors a number of initiatives at Group level and at each subsidiary with the aim of fostering entrepreneurial spirit and promoting employees’ ideas. A dedicated section in the NNN quarterly newsletter provides internal information about the best ideas and achievements.
Innovation is also central to the training programme in partnership with French business school HEC, where some 40 senior executives are trained each year.