Eco Label

The aim of the Neopost Eco Label is to identify the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions

Through the Eco Label, we are showing our commitment to the environment by applying our environmental design policy throughout the product development process, managing and reducing the environmental footprint of our products throughout their entire life cycles.



The Eco Label reflects our desire to make customers aware of the environmental progress we have made in recent years. A sticker is placed on all models that meet our key environmental requirements.
We look at different criteria that cover a product's entire life cycle. The criteria are subdivided into the following categories: Weight, raw materials, energy, packaging, recyclability, and remanufacturing. Each category has its own symbol.

The Eco Label vouches for the fact that Neopost has complied with the standard level of environmental performance in respect of its automatic folding-inserting systems, Mailing Systems, Address Printers, and other hardware products sold by Neopost.
The Eco Label includes key concepts to reduce or eliminate any impact on environment. This includes the use of environmentally sensitive materials, choice of raw materials, weight reduction, packaging, energy savings, life cycle extension (also called remanufacturing), and end-of-life management.
The Eco Label aims to provide a clear and consistent set of environmental performance criteria for Neopost products, in order to recognize efforts made during the design phase.



Required Criteria to obtain the Eco Label


RAW MATERIALS: Management of hazardous substances contained in REACH and RoHS standards, in accordance with the regulations in force.
User guide and documentation is printed on environmentally friendly paper (such as FSC = Forest Stewardship Council).


ENERGY: A product is Energy Star compliant or its energy consumption is managed by a standby mode that consumes < 0,5 Watt.
The power consumption [W] is stated for each mode (Run, Idle, Standby, Off mode).
The energy consumption is stated in kWh for one year's use and in kWh per 10000 cycles.


RECYCLABILITY: The recovery rate is stated.


Optional Eco Label Criteria


RAW MATERIAL: No REACH substances of very hight concern (SVHC).
Contains 10% recycled plastic.


RECYCLABILITY: The recovery rate is in excess of 75%.


WEIGHT: This signifies that the product is at least 10% lighter than the previous version based on a product with similar functionality.


PACKAGING: The packaging/to product volume ratio has improved by at least 10% OR the ratio is at least 2.5 AND not more than the previous version of the product.
At least 90% (in terms of weight) of the materials used in the packaging is made of recycled material or can be recycled.



REMANUFACTURING: The new product contains remanufactured parts (these parts enjoy the same warranties as new parts)