Morgana's AutoCreaser Pro 50 - Suction Feed Automatic Creaser

As its name suggests the AutoCreaser Pro 50 is the “big brother” of the AutoCreaser Pro 33. Offering the same features and benefits, it runs at the same increased speed of 8,500 sheets per hour. This is an amazing 30% higher than the outgoing model.
We have added “selective speed” on the new Pro models so the operator can decide on the best speed to run any given job.
The SmartScreen offers the user all the benefits described in the AutoCreaser Pro 33 but with a larger sheet size.
All settings and adjustments are made using the SmartScreen and as only symbols are used, no translations are necessary, making operator instruction much simpler. An alpha-numeric memory allows an unlimited number of jobs to be stored and named as you choose.
Any changes to the suction drum, feed method, crease position and engineering settings are all made through the SmartScreen which we have developed and designed to make the AutoCreaser Pro 50 the easiest machine to operate whilst offering the size and levels of sophistication never before seen at this price point.