MORGANA DigiCoater 50 - Large format UV coater up to 762mm x 500mm

The big brother to the DigiCoater 33, the DigiCoater 50 caters for printers who require a larger sheet size of up to 500mm.

The DigiCoater 50 is available in 2 versions.

The first version is available with 4 tanks and 2 coating rollers and is ideal for customers who do not wish to use the machine for priming* and wish to coat only.

The second version is available with 6 tanks and 3 coating rollers and is ideal for customers who want the flexibility to have coating and priming available from one machine. Switching between coating and priming is acheived via the touch screen control panel.

The Digicoater 50 has a “turret system” containing 2 or 3 rollers. This is controlled by compressed air and switching between different varnishes, textures or priming couldn’t be easier. The different textured finishes can be seen in the downloadable brochure.

The compressor enables the use of an “air knife” which directs a jet of air at the sheets to ensure release from the coating rollers. This feature is optional on most coaters but is standard on the DigiCoater 50.

Control of the sheet thickness and the coating thickness are by way of 2 levers on the side of the machine within easy reach of the operator.

All other functions are directed from the touch screen control panel including the wash down process which is completely automated on the DigiCoater 50.

As with the 33, The DigiCoater 50 has its own integral catch tray but can also be ordered with an A2 jogger as an option either at time of order or at a later date.