MORGANA DigiCoater 33 - Entry level UV coater up to SRA3 size

The DigiCoater 33 is our entry level coater and is ideal for those printers working with litho presses and digital print engines whose sheet size is a maximum of SRA3.

The DigiCoater 33 comes with 3 tanks and 1 coating roller and can be used for UV coating OR priming (HP stocks) but not for doing both at the same time. The tanks are fully enclosed within the body of the machine.

The DigiCoater 33 is controlled by a sophisticated touch screen panel making operation a very simple process.

Full control over coating thickness and stock thickness are controlled by calibrated levers on either side of the coater.

A choice of suction feeders is available depending on the work being produced. A top feeder would be specified for large quantities while a bottom fed device would be preferable for smaller quantities and continuous running. All feeders offer total sheet control to the operator and ensure that all sheets are presented to the DigiCoater at the correct speed.

The DigiCoater 33 has an integral catch tray but can also be ordered with a fully featured jogger either at time of order or at a later date. Cleaning down the DigiCoater 33 couldn’t be easier. It is a semi automatic machine so the operator simply has to move a lever to move the pump from the varnish tank to the cleaning tank for the clean down cycle and back again once complete.

There is an optional Digi-IR unit available for coating wax based toners. This unit is placed in front of the coater and heats the toner prior to coating to ensure complete adhesion of the UV varnish to the toner. There is no loss of quality during this procedure which is available for both 33 and 50 sizes.