Mailfinisher 120A (T) Tower Stacker

The adaptable Tower Stacker integrates three built-in conveyors allowing
intelligent handling of large instant mailing jobs in a small space


The Mailfinisher 120A(T) (Angle Feed System with Tower Stacker) is the ultimate solution for in-line processing of pressure seal documents whether you are processing 500,000 forms per month. Utilising our proven in-line processing technology, when interfaced with a Hi-Speed Multifunction Copiers or High-Speed laser printers with a page per minute speed of up to 120 pages. You are assured of a Super Fast, Easy Reliable and Secure Solution.

Remote Printer Control

A pause Switch stops the printer if a cycleerror is detected or when all 3 output conveyors are full

Cascading Mail Piece Output on Three Stackers

Maximum 700 mailers on each conveyor stacker
When a stacker is full, ats green button (control signal) blinks
Then it detect the available (empty) output stacker automatically
Batch count is available for each stacker's output and content control
If stackers are full, the complete production line stops automatically
The stackers (conveyors) are self-extended with their Auto-Sliding device

7" Touch Screen Panel & Job Status Tower Lamp

User friendly large (7") touch screen contol panel

Batch/Total count per conveyor can be set and displayed
Jobs Status Tower Lamp informs the operator of possible production stops
Operator effort is minimised through easy controls and access of the compact production line

High Speed Camera (Option)
Barcode data reading allows integrity and completion controls on large volume mailing job
The data is transfered through a USB device
Mail pieces with mismatching or unreadable barcodes are diverted into a tray at the base of the Tower Stacker
Enables the cross-checking of the processed mailpieces with the original database
Easy tracking and control of the processed and unprocessed mail for efficient Job Integrity control