Professional Manual Guillotine with 430mm Cutting Length

Cuts up to 500 sheets of paper (70 g/m2) or bound brochures up to 40 mm. Blade made of German high quality steel. Solid steel blade carrier. Adjustable blade guides made of hardened steel. Patented fast flick action clamp. Side lay with measuring scale (mm/inches).

  • Cutting length 430 mm
  • Cutting height: 20 mm
  • Calibrated hand crank ensuring the exact positioning of the backgauge
  • Safe & convenient blade changing device
  • Paper format up to A3

SCS - the Safety Cutting System made by IDEAL provides numerous safety features: hinged, transparent safety guard on the front table (locks automatically while cutting); transparent safety cover on the rear table; safety catch (locks blade lever in upper position); safe and convenient blade change from the front without removing machine covers; blade changing device with covered cutting edge; blade depth adjustment from the outside of the machine; cutting stick can be turned or replaced easily from the outside of the machine.

Technical Specifications

IDEAL 4305
  • Cutting length 430 mm
  • Cutting height 40 mm
  • Narrow cut 34 mm
  • Table depth 435 mm
  • Dimensions 400 x 880 x 880 mm (H x W x D)
  • height with stand 1150 mm
  • Weight 44 kg table top model
  • 54 kg with stand