Neopost IS-480 the fast and efficient mail processing centre

Convenient to use, the highly capable IS-480 with whisper-quiet operation is fast and efficient. With the smallest footprint in its category, you’ll appreciate the sleek ergonomic design that easily integrates into your business environment.

  • Colour TouchScreen control panel
  • Simple, reliable, accurate operation
  • Mixed-mail feeding and weighing
  • Best-in-class accounting options


IS-480 Optimise efficiency, ensure quality

Main Features
  • Speed: 150 letters per minute
  • Speed with dynamic scales: 90 letters per minute
  • Maximum envelope thickness: 16mm
  • Imprint memories: 9
  • Account reporting and control: 50 departments standard


Optional Features
  • Dynamic scale 
  • Weigh platforms: 3, 5, 10 or 30kg
  • Differential Weighing 
  • Departmental upgrades: 100/300 departments
  • Bar code scanner
  • ISB mass storage