UCHIDA's top-share paper drilling machine with wide range models and reliability

The Uchida VS-55 is a heavy duty paper drill to handle regular drilling work, while retaining simplicity of use.

One, two, three or four holes are perfectly positioned and choice of bit sizes up to 13mm can be used. 3-8mm as standard and by removing the adaptor allows you to drill from 9mm - 13mm holes for more options on drilling. The ability to adjust the back margin increases the flexibility of the work the Uchida VS-55 can take on. A programmable element covering the most commonly needed sizes keeps any training to a minimum.

The self-centering guides ensure that the paper is always in the correct position when drilling. Programmable feature keeps the operation simple. The 50mm pile height provides the productivity needed, while a clamp will hold the paper to prevent movement while drilling. Waste is collected in a container for convenience and ease of emptying. 

UCHIDA VS-55 Paper Drill



Maximum drilling thickness: 50 mm Sheets Capacity (paper64 gr/m2): 1580 sheets

Maximum Paper Size (B4 longitudinal): 376 mm

Drilling Diameter: from 2 to 13 mm

Back Margin: 6 - 35 mm

Selection of pitch (selectable by pre-programmed pitch bar): Multiple Holes

Paper carriage: manual

Table Size (W x D): 480 х 260 mm

Power Source: 230 V / 50-60HZ, 200W

Options 2: Rounding Corner

The radius of the offered corners of the blades from R 2,5 up to R10

Dimensions (WхDхH): 48 х 43 х 69см

Net Weight: 30kg

Made in Japan