The Latest Quality Range with fully automatic setup and deep pile feeder in Morgana range of creaser/folder

DigiFold has been one of Morgana’s best selling products since it was first introduced in 2001

The DigiFold Pro 385 is the latest, fourth generation of the DigiFold series, offering further levels of automation to meet today’s demanding applications. It is specifically designed for digital and litho printers who have a need to crease and fold digitally printed, heavy weight or cross grained stock. The DigiFold Pro 385 is equipped with the very latest in technology to enable automatic set up of jobs, including setting of all feeder functions and fold roller settings, by selecting just a few simple parameters on the Morgana SmartScreen touch screen control. The new deep pile feeder allows stacking of up to 450mm of paper to enable longer runs and is equipped with a SmartStep table drop for fast loading of shorter run jobs.

Creasing versus Scoring.
Traditional rotary scoring machines use circular blades that are in constant motion as the stock passes through them. This creates a ploughing action that actually cuts through the top fibres of the paper or card in order to create a score. Inevitably this weakens the paper and encourages cracking. In contrast, the Morgana DigiFold Pro employs a unique creasing rule and matrix, the DynaCrease, that eliminates tearing and-- therefore, cracking.


By using this patented technology, the DynaCrease, we have managed to increase the speed to over 6,000 A4 sheets an hour. Speed increases when running smaller stocks and is achieved by creasing the sheet without stopping it, yet maintaining an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm.

MORGANA DigiFold Pro 385 Creaser Folder

Technical specification

Maximum sheet size 700mm x 385mm Minimum sheet size 210mm x 140mm

Maximum paper thickness 0.4mm (approx 400 gsm)* Minimum paper thickness 0.11mm (approx 80gsm uncoated)*

Feeder Pile height 450mm Maximum number of folds per sheet 2

Maximum number programmed applications 50

Minimum repeat crease distance 1mm Creasing blades 2

Minimum repeat fold distance 70mm (depending on paper weight)

Minimum crease distance from lead edge 2.5mm

Minimum fold distance from lead edge 50mm (depending on paper weight)

Minimum crease distance from tail edge 2.5mm

Minimum fold distance from tail edge 50mm (depending on paper weight)

Minimum fold length 70mm Speed per hour (A4 in half) 6000 sph