Modular and Highly Productive Mail Inserter

Due to its ability to handle a superior document packet thickness, the Neopost DS-150/180i allows you to process a wide variety of mail items. Each feeder on the DS-150/180i provides automatic calibration of any processed item. This document security control requires no manual setup and ensures accurate processing of all documents.

  • Easy-to-load trays and an intuitive paper path help the operator to quickly get a feel for the system
  • Fast, easy access to all parts of the system reduces stoppage to minimum
  • High-capacity feeders, fast accumulation and on-the-fly envelope loading - Save your time

The Modular Mail Operating System That Intelligently Fulfills All Your Mailing Needs

The DS-150/180i also provides detailed identification files and reports to ensure that all documents have been correctly processed throughout the system.
To securely process personalized mail runs and those with a varying amount of documents per set, the DS-150/180i includes several automatic features to ensure that every recipient receives the correct and perfect mail piece


Main Features

Speed Up to 4,500/5,500 an hour
Documents feeder capacity Up to 500
Envelopes feeder capacity Up to 400
Set thickness: up to 6 mm