Quality blade and matrix creasing, with a price and performance geared to the needs of the smaller or inplant printer.

The semi-automatic ElectroCreaser is the ideal unit for printers who need something faster than a manual creaser - such as the MORGANA DocuCrease - but do not have the volume of work to justify a fully automated machine like the MORGANA AutoCreaser.

Creasing versus Scoring.
Traditional rotary scoring machines use circular blades that are in constant motion as the stock passes through them. This creates a ploughing action that actually cuts through the top fibres of the paper or card in order to create a score. Inevitably this weakens the paper and encourages cracking. In contrast, the Morgana DocuCrease employs a unique creasing rule and matrix as illustrated overleaf, that eliminates tearing and, therefore, cracking.

MORGANA ElectroCreaser 36/52